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Vanguard Sail Boats

As a registered Vanguard Sailboats dealer, we have many small racing sailboats available for sale. We specialize in Sunfish and usually have a brand new sunfish on hand for purchase. For the economical sailor, several good-condition used sunfish are also available. If you need any parts for your Vanguard sailboat, we have them on site or can quickly order them through the mail. Since we have a large fleet of sunfish, we can happily accept large groups who wish to sail with each other. Our sailing professional, Quin Booth, will be more than happy to teach a sailing clinic; sunfish are an easy way for the beginner to learn how to sail. For the more adventurous sailor, o'day sailors, hobies and catamarans are also available for rent. A large body of water, Blue Mountain Lake is almost always windy in the late afternoon and will always have wind in some parts of the lake. Between the crystal clear water and the mountain scenery, Blue Mountain Lake is a wonderful place for fresh water sailing.

For prices, please see our Rentals page.